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Take that, Betch


I would also like to point out to all the people who made fun of me when I worked for the Green Party, that even f-ing wal-mart is publicising how they are making trendy t-shirts out of recycled coke bottles. So now the message is 'Buy buy buy! but only if it's recycled and organic'
I want my 'use less stuff' bumpersticker back.
Point being, empty corporations making empty claims about their new and improved 'GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK' gear can suck it. They are really not getting the point. And yes it's nice that people are waking up but seriously, can I get a bit of common sense for earth day?
There is no reason to go to extremes and be freegan and only wear recycled clothing, but going on buying sprees to ease your emotional stress or insisting on driving everywhere and taking three showers a day is a little silly. Just a little lifestyle modification goes a long way. I don't have time for a coherent argument so we'll just end this rant here.
p.s. everyone go to gov. henry's website and tell him he's a good guy.


I think I'm getting really tired of this blog. I want to start all over and wipe the slate. Maybe when I move to DC. Maybe sooner. Until then...
Two different recordings of the same song.

Apathy turned inside-out

In light of all the Oklahoma Politics lately, I thought I would zoom out, then zoom in again, then zoom waaay in. And I think I know what to tell my grad schools, finally, when they ask why I want to study blah blah blah... and what to tell people when they ask why I joined the Peace Corps. Read more...Collapse )


I have to be at work in 30 min and I haven't eaten or had coffee. Good thing work is making coffee!!! muuhahahahah!!!

In other news, Oklahoma Gay Bashing state legislator made youtube

Mar. 9th, 2008

written by Max Ehrmann in the 1920s --

Desiderata Read more...Collapse )